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Welcome to the Sparkle philosophy- this three part training will show you how to redefine your story, reignite your sparkle, and create a life that you love.

Do you want to learn how to take back your life, overcome what's holding you back and build a future that lights you up? Laura's free three-part signature training on Sparkle's founding principles will help you do just that. In part one, learn how to reframe your story in a way that serves you, so you become defined by what you do and not by what's happened to you. Following that, part two will help you reconnect with your Sparkle. With Laura's help, you'll uncover your own 'cheatsheet' and become a master of your own self-care. Finally, in part three Laura teaches you how to put your Sparkle into action, tackling mindset to help make your goals a reality.

This is for you if:

- You've been through something traumatic and want to understand Laura's core principles to take your life back

- You want practical steps to get your life back following trauma, from someone who has lived through what you're going through first hand

- You want to reframe your story so it no longer holds you captive and begins to serve you

- You want to master your own self-care, redefine your sparkle and reignite your power

- You are ready to create a life that you love and want to understand the key to living a happy and fulfilled life, regardless of what has happened in your past

Are you ready to transform your thinking and begin changing your life? Let me show you the way...

Laura xxx

Part One- Redefine Your Story

Part Two- Redefine Your Sparkle

Part Three: Create a life you love

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