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News & Press Coverage

Sparkle has reached 30 million people worldwide and counting. Check out some of our coverage below.

News and Press Coverage: News and Tips

RIDE Music: Who is Sparkle?


Laura Currer live on BBC Radio Newcastle

Sparkle With Laura Currer-01.jpg

Laura's Sparkle Launch Interview with the Chronice

Speaking Commitments

Laura delivers a range of talks on her experience and the Sparkle ethos

For information and bookings, email


HerStory Conference October 2018

Laura delivered a heartfelt speech to 100 attendees at the Sparkle launch in August 2018

Today, Laura spoke to 150 police officer

Laura delivered training to 150 police officers on how to better deal with people who have been sexually assaulted: March 2018

Laura spoke to over 100 delegates about recovery from trauma: January 2019

News and Press Coverage: News and Tips
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