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About Laura

Laura Currer FRSA is a thought leader and expert advisor on Sexual Assault and Abuse Services, as a rape survivor. Laura’s vision is that whilst violence against women and girls prevails in society, there will always be a safe place to land and rebuild.

Laura owns and leads both her own front-line therapeutic business (Sparkle with Laura Currer), and ACT by Laura Currer, offering training, lived experience expertise, and consultancy for businesses. She is a consultant in VAWG and EDI, and the Independent Chair of the NHS National Sexual Assault and Abuse Services Lived Experience Group.

In pursuit of her vision, Laura is passionate about supporting all public and private sector organisations to consider the impact of sexual assault and abuse on their customers and employees, offering training and consultation to achieve common goals.

An alumni of the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme, Laura has almost a decade's experience in private and public sector management and service improvement. She has an MSc in Business and Ethics, a PGDIP in Healthcare Leadership, and is passionate about supporting people and businesses to grow and develop.

She is also a UKATA Registered, fully insured trainee psychotherapist specialising in transactional analysis. She has training in psychology, counselling, coaching, and is undergoing a Certification in Psychotherapeutic Tools for Mental Health.

The History of Sparkle

Sparkle began in a small bedroom in rural Wales, an idea born in the early hours of the morning. It was summer 2016 and a 23 year old Laura lay awake, the faint sound of sheep baaing drifting through the window of the holiday cottage she was staying in. She couldn't sleep. As the rest of her family slept soundly, she was wide awake, contemplating how she could take what she had learnt from a truly awful event 18 months prior and create something positive. "I want you to get your sparkle back, Laura", her mum had told her not long after the incident; the words rang round in her head. For months she had been toying with the idea of what she should do. "That's it! That's the mission. I'll help other people to get their Sparkle back too". A year later, on 20th August 2018, three years to the day after Laura's rape, she launched Sparkle. Now, almost four years later, Laura's mission has reached 30 million people globally, supporting hundreds of women in the UK and internationally to do just as Laura had vowed to do on that quiet summer's night in Wales- to get their Sparkle back. 

ACT by Laura Currer

On 20th August 2022, the launch of Sparkle's sister arm, ACT, was announced, widening the reach of Sparkle to support businesses and organisations in the fight against sexual violence. Offering training, consulting and lived experience expertise, ACT embeds lived experience into service delivery, trains and supports organisations to improve their policy around sexual violence, and opens meaningful conversations around Violence Against Women and Girls that catalyses cultural shifts and creates tangible change.

Featured in: Glamour, The Times, The Chronicle, the BBC, ITV.

Previous clients include: the BBC, the NHS, Northumbria Police, Sunderland University, Freuds.

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