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Sparkle Spotlight

This space is for you if

you keep coming up against the same barriers in your work, business, or relationship?

there one thing that always trips you up or you can’t push through but you can never work out why?

you feel like you keep running into the same wall over and over again with no success on how to knock it down or climb over it.

Then the Sparkle Business Intensive is for you!

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How Does It Work?

The Sparkle Spotlight is a Business-focused 3-hour intensive coaching space to is a deep dive into one specific aspect of your business or professional life that keeps causing you problems or limiting your success.

These three hours can be used as you wish, as either

one 3-hour session,

two 90 minute sessions,

or three 60 minute sessions

- remember, this is all about what's right for you!

You will also receive a personally curated for you  3-module online course, cherry-picking elements of our Starter Pack so it’s perfectly tailored to what you need. This helps you continue the work on your own to ensure a true and empowering transformation.

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Why It Matters

Often in our professional lives we consider a problem from many angles; strategy, operational challenges, culture, working relationships.

And while these aspects are all important in sculpting out a successful business, if you keep coming up against the same issues the chances are you’re neglecting to look at one key component- yourself!

As a coach and trainee psychotherapist, I’m here to tell you that in every aspect of your life, you’re showing up with your own scripts, processes and inbuilt beliefs, and- you better believe it- you carry those into your professional life too. 

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If you're ready to FINALLY crack what's holding you back and elevate yourself and your business to the next level, I cannot WAIT to hear from you! Hit the button below to fill in an application xox

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Meet Laura Photo

Meet Laura!

From surviving to thriving; how I used trauma to build a life I adore- and I want you to do the same!

As someone who has worked in the public, private and voluntary sector before setting up my own business, I have a strong understanding of business and senior leadership; teamed with training as a coach and psychotherapist, I have the killer combination to be able to get to the root of your issue for good.

Not only that, within the three hours we’ll create an actionable plan to be able to understand how your interpsychic processes play out in your business or professional life, and how to manage and intercept these processes so they no longer hold you back.

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