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LIGHT IT UP: Services

(Applications now live!)

Six Month One-to-One Coaching Programme

Redefine your story. Reignite your sparkle. Create a life you love.

Introducing LIGHT IT UP... Are you ready to transform your life?

LIGHT IT UP is my exclusive six month one-to-one coaching programme designed to empower you to redefine your story, reignite your sparkle, and create a life you love. 

If you’ve read my story then by now you’ll know that I was raped. People told me that my life was over. However I'm here to tell you that there is life after trauma. Three years ago, I thought I would always be defined as a victim, someone damaged, tainted or broken. I thought that I would never go on to achieve my potential, to live a happy and fulfilled life, to move on and build a business, have a family, travel the world. I was wrong.

I’m here to tell you that life after trauma isn’t less than.

Through my journey, I realised that your past doesn’t have to define you. You are so much more than that. Since being assaulted, I’ve worked to deepen my self-awareness, rediscover my sparkle, and uncover a power I’d never have dreamed existed. I’ve gone on to launch Sparkle and build a business doing what I love: helping people to rediscover the magic within themselves, reconnect with their sparkle and create a life they love.

And I want to help you do the same! Through LIGHT IT UP I’ll work with you to use it to uncover a level of power and resilience you didn’t know you had, to help you realise that ANYTHING is possible. With my help, I’ll give you coping strategies and tools to help you overcome whatever’s holding you back... and then comes the exciting bit; I’ll work with you to uncover your vision and decide exactly what you want to do next. Want to overcome a personal challenge? Done. Want to make a change or get your career back on track? No problem. Want to use your experience to empower others? Let’s do it! LIGHT IT UP is totally tailored to you, so whatever your Sparkle looks like, I’ll work with you to achieve your goals.

This is for you if you want to get yourself back, bigger and better than ever before. Are you ready?

How do I know if it's right for me?

This programme will help you:

  • Meaningfully process and recover from a trauma or distressing life event.

  • Redefine your story and learn to tell it your way

  • Take your power back and live a life of freedom

  • Become a master of self-care, building your own resilience and giving you strategies to overcome any challenge life may throw at you

  • Change your mindset to unlock your potential and allow yourself to fulfil your true vision

  • Create your own personal ‘cheat sheet’ and roadmap for the future- set big goals, and learn how to become your own best friend so you’re able to care for yourself on the journey

It’s for you if:

  • You want to reclaim your Sparkle and look to the future

  • You want practical strategies and tools to meaningfully recover from trauma, based on lived experience, tried and tested by me- I’ll give you the exact processes and insights that I used to recover from my own rape and beyond

  • You have big dreams and want to make them a reality, be that getting back to work, finishing a qualification, hitting the next personal or professional milestone or even doing what I’ve done and launching your own business to live your life your way.

Three steps to LIGHT IT UP:

1. Redefine your story- We'll work on your mindset, barriers and anything that is holding you back. We’ll reframe your story, and I’ll teach you how to reclaim it and learn to tell it your way, so that it no longer holds power over you.

2. Reignite your sparkle- Together we’ll then work to rediscover your sparkle, connecting with yourself and reigniting it like never before. I’ll teach you how to nurture your own sparkle and practice self-care on the highest level, until it becomes your superpower. Once you’ve cracked this, anything is possible!

3. Create a life you love- Finally, I’ll help you to use your new-found insight to decide exactly where you want to get to. We’ll map out what your dream life looks like, setting a vision and crystal-clear focus. I’ll then help you to set tangible goals, and work closely with you to take action and make those goals a reality.

So what does it involve?

The programme is made up on 12 structured 90 minute sessions (twice a month), focusing on key areas such as triggers, barriers, mindset, self-care and vision.

These can be over the phone, via Zoom (video call), or face-to-face (geography permitting), whatever works best for you. I'll also be on hand via email or over the phone between sessions to help you out with any blockers and keep you on track.

You will also get:

- A Limited Edition Sparkle Journal to guide you through the process.

- A Sparkle Care Package with some of our favourite self-care products to get you started

- Access to our online Sparkle Community- expand your tribe, meet like-minded individuals,  learn from others and Light It Up Together.

Ready to join?

Investment: £1,800

I am offering five places at the initial investment price of £1800 for six months. 

If you would like to access the programme then act fast- the current investment is £1800, payable upfront or in instalments over the six months.

One time payment: £1800

Alternatively, we offer a payment plan: six monthly installments of £350

To book a complimentary discovery call to learn more about the programme and confirm your place, click the link below.

I can't wait to hear from you! x

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